New Expense Management Report Ready for Business Office Staff Use - 11/3/11

A new report the Questionable Transaction Report (QTR) is available to assist business offices manage allowable expenditures on federally funded sponsored program projects. The report provides information similar to that of the Questionable Transaction Listing (QTL) in the legacy system. 

The QTR identifies questionable commitment items that have posted to sponsored program accounts on funds 4101000042020000. These commitment items may or may not be allowable based on the individual award from the sponsor and what costs were identified in the proposal submission.

The report can be run by the responsible cost center.

Additional details about the QTR, a listing of the commitment items coded as questionable, and step-by-step instructions on how to run the report can be found on the General Information page of the Sponsored Program Services website found under Post-Award/Account Management.
It is the expectation that business managers have the report run monthly for their departments. The report is not intended as a means to review every transaction in detail, but is to be used as a management tool.

The report provides an opportunity to evaluate potentially unallowable charges. It also provides information that allows business managers and their staffs to ensure proper assignment of commitment items, identify training opportunities, become familiar with sponsored program accounts within their departments, and to detect potential problems early.

Questions and concerns about a project with questionable commitment items posted to it may be referred to the project’s SPS account manager.