New: Employee Position/Salary History Information Available in PageCenterX - 04/13/10

Purdue employees who have mainframe PEDB access now have a replacement option. A report containing the same information as PEDB is available in PageCenterX.

The report contains position and salary history for Purdue employees who were active on Dec. 16, 2006, the date of that information’s conversion to SAP.

To view the report, staff who have access to PageCenterX can log in and, from the list of mailboxes available to them (BUSMGMT, HUMRESC or HUMRESG), they should click the appropriate one, and then the “HRSNSTV” mailbox will be available. Click “HRSNSTV” to open a list of reports, and then click “PEDB_HISTORY.TXT.”

Staff who need access to PageCenterX will find request forms located on the Procedures for Access to PageCenterX page of the PageCenterX Web site.

If information is needed on an employee who left the university prior to Dec. 16, 2006, please contact Human Resource Operations for assistance.