Graduate Staff and Fellowship Audit Reports Available in PageCenterX - 03/29/11

Distribution of the monthly graduate staff audit report, available prior to the implementation of SAP, resumed in February. The report provides business offices the means to check the employment-policy compliance of their paid grad students and fellows.

There are seven reports with seven different scenarios. They are:

 Grad staff not registered in degree or teacher license program
 Fellowships not registered in degree or teacher license program
 Grad staff registered for less than three credit hours
 Fellowships not registered full time (eight hours fall and spring, six hours summer)
 Grad students with biweekly appointments
 Grad staff with total appointments less than 25 CUL
 Fellowships with any additional appointments

Reports will be run the first day of each month and available in PageCenterX by 9:30 a.m.

The PageCenterX Access Form Human Resources can be found on the Business Forms Used at Purdue University website. The folder to request access to in PageCenterX is BUSMGMT/HRSNTV.