GM AIMS Account Projections Application Adjusted for 2013 Annual Budget Retraction - 05/31/12

The HR retraction for the 2013 annual budget is scheduled for June 8-27. During the retraction, the GM AIMS Account Projection application will contain the 2013 salaries only for the business side. However, the application will still be available throughout the retraction to faculty and staff with AIMS access.  

The business office side of GM AIMS Account Projection will refresh the data containing the 2013 salaries during the retraction, and the print button will be inactive on the salary details screen only.

When the business office side launches the account projections, users will receive a notice that reads: “Please be aware that the data you are viewing contains the 2012-2013 salary information. This information has not yet been shared with faculty or staff. Please do not print or transmit this information in any way for the period of 6/8/2012 – 6/27/2012.”

Faculty and staff with AIMS access will have access to Account Projections, but the Salary Details screen will not be updated for the period of June 8-27 and will be “as of June 7, 2012” for that period. When faculty and staff with AIMS access go to the Salary Details screen, they will receive the following message:  “Due to the annual budget review, the salary/distribution data is as of 6/7/2012.”

The HR retraction process retracts or transfers HR-related information from the BW-BPS system to the SAP HR system.