Enhancements to ZFI_GR_IR_CLEARING Report Ready Wednesday - 07/6/10

Enhancements to the ZFI_GR_IR_CLEARING Report, a key report for Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt (GR/IR) account maintenance staff, will be ready for use beginning Wednesday, July 7.

New fields added to the report will better assist those involved in the GR/IR clearing process. The new fields, with many of them being searchable, include:
      Shopping Cart Number
      Purchase Order Total Value
      Asset Number
      Grant Number
      Grant User Status
      Grant Validity to Date
      New Actions Needed:  
          - Blocked Invoice
          - Credit Memo Needed 
          - Return Delivery Needed 
          - Other

Some users execute the report themselves and some rely upon the Purchasing Department’s SharePoint version. Those who execute the report themselves will see the enhancements on July 7. Those who use the SharePoint version may see the enhancements a couple days after the report goes into production, allowing Purchasing staff time to update the spreadsheet with the new fields.

For more information, please contact Cindi Stinebaugh, business analyst for Purchasing, 496-6444; or Gayle Stetler, manager, Accounts Payable and Travel, 496-1608.