Latest Purdue Research Foundation Endowment Reports Ready for Distribution - 09/10/09

The June 2009 Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) endowment information has become available in PageCenter to authorized staff.

The PageCenter application allows reports to be viewed through a Web browser.

Once in PageCenter, the files can be located under “Finance Complete” (FINANCEC), then “Finance Sensitive” (FINSNSTV). The files are:
      -- ENDOWMENTPRF (PRF Endowment values & distribution)
      -- ENDOWMENTPU (Purdue Endowments in the current yield and separately held endowment pools)
      -- ENDOWMENTPAF is blank as all PAF endowments are part of PRF.

More information about PageCenter is available through the WAI (Window to Administrative Information) Web site by clicking the “PageCenter” gold tab.