Financial Reporting Delivery Refresher - 11/25/08

A system enhancement in early 2008 provided several new financial reporting options. As a refresher to staff, here are the options.

New t-codes to run new reports with familiar layouts: 
     -- SMUR Operating Statement -- zfi_smur_oper_stmt
     -- SMUR Monthly Transaction Listing -- zsmur_monthly_trans *
     -- SMUR Monthly Budget Changes Listing—zsmur_bud_changes
     -- SMUR Income Statement -- zsmur_income_stmt
     -- SMUR Balance Sheet -- zfi_smur_balsheet
     -- Account Balance Listing -- zsmur_acct_balance
     -- RIO Monthly Budget Changes -- zrio_bud_changes
     -- RIO Monthly Transactions -- zrio_monthly_trans*
     -- RIO Income Statement -- zrio_income_stmt
     -- RIO Monthly Operating Statement -- zfi_rio_oper_stmt
     -- Project Financial Report Monthly Transactions -- zfi_fssr_monthly_trns * (GM, i.e. Grants Management)
     -- Project Financial Report -- zfi_fssr_projfin (GM)
     -- Project Financial Report Monthly Budget Changes -- zfi_fssr_mnthlybud (GM)
         *These t-codes now allow for easy export to Excel.

This enhancement also created the ability to distribute any of the non-GM reports listed above via the user’s Universal Work List (UWL) in the portal. Most of these reports are delivered in a PDF format. Reports marked with an asterisk (*) are delivered in both PDF and Excel formats. These reports are sent after the month end has closed each month.

GM/Project Financial Reports are delivered automatically based on GM Aims logic listed below.

PIs will receive the Project Financial Report for each award where they are the PI. This will include the Grant View (consolidated) and the Sponsored Program View (minor).

Co-PIs will receive the Sponsored Program view of the Project Financial Report, Monthly Transaction List and Budget Changes reports.

All non-GM reports can be set up to be automatically sent using these processes:
     -- Process for distributing monthly financial reports (New Request)
     -- Process for distributing monthly financial reports (Change or Delete)
     -- A new t-code to query on reports that have manually been set up to be delivered (zfi_dis)
     -- OnePurdue Finance>Financial Reporting Web site

Instructions and resources are available online through the OnePurdue and Business @ Purdue Web sites. To access the information on the OnePurdue Web site, hover cursor over the “Finance & HR” option in the black bar at the top and click “Financial Reporting” on the drop-down list. Resources on Business @ Purdue can be found by clicking the “Reports” category.

Plans are in place to update both sites in the near future.