Improvements Will Enhance Running Endowment Reports - 05/5/09

Endowment reports have been upgraded with improvements.

Reports had been timing out. Most had to be run in the background. With the upgrade, the reports will process in less time, and most departments should be able to run reports without using the background feature.

Some of the larger colleges, however, may still need to execute reports in the background. To simplify, an option has been added on the main selection screen, “Get Background Job.” For more information and instructions, please refer to the new Process Endowment Reports process available on Business @ Purdue under the “Reports” category.

Another change involves the selection screen, which will provide an option only for an endowment summary, which can be exported to Excel, and an option for the endowment letter.

More new fields will be contained in the endowment summary option. They are:
-- Cost Center linked to the endowment fund
-- Create Date (the date the endowment was set up in the system)
-- Reinvested/Distributed to identify whether the endowment’s distribution was being reinvested back into the endowment or distributed to the supported fund during that distribution. This information will be available starting with the upcoming July 1 distribution.

The upgrade will be put into production after business hours Tuesday, May 5, when the T-code to process the reports will become: ZFI_ENDOW_RPT.