New Endowment Reports Ready - 02/3/09

Endowment reports for the Jan. 1, 2009, distribution are available.

The t-code to process the reports is ZFI_ENDOW_RPT. For assistance, the Endowment Reports BPP can be found on the Accounting Services Web site by clicking “Endowments” under the “Reference” gold tab.

Since the last distribution, a feature added to the new report allows for a spreadsheet format. To select this format, check the box labeled “Spreadsheet Output (Sum. only).” This option is available only on the “Endowment Summary by Fund” or “Endowment Summary by Type” reports.

In the past few weeks, however, the financial table the Endowment report uses has grown so large that reports have timed out if the area has more than just a few endowments. Therefore, to run this report on an entire area, it will likely need to be run in the background. Instructions for How to Run Endowment Report in the Background are available by clicking “Endowments” under the “Reference” gold tab on the Accounting Services Web site.

This is a temporary solution. Requests have been submitted to resolve this issue for future distributions.

When processing the reports, please be sure to select the desired Recipient Area from the drop-down list, which is a required field. The option is available to limit on a specific endowment fund (or funds) in a particular area.

The dates for the reports this distribution should be:
      Date Balance: 12/31/2008
      Date of Transactions: 01/01/2009

Please note that Fellowship-supported funds will show a 12/31/08 available balance of 0.00. This is due to fellowships being recorded as orders instead of separate funds.

Once Accounting Services receives the PRF (Purdue Research Foundation) endowment information, another communication will be sent with the location information.

Please forward this information to others as needed. Questions may be directed to Kathy Vanderwall at or 494-7368, or Stacy Murray at or 494-7369.