HRS Announces Two Newly Created Position Groups for Students - 02/24/09

Two new position groups for students are now available.

Purdue’s legacy system provided the means for Human Resource Services staff to distinguish Purdue students from non-Purdue students, such as high school students and those from other higher-education institutions. But with the implementation of OnePurdue, HRS lost the ability to identify those different types of students.

Because customer feedback indicates there is still a strong need to be able to distinguish among these groups, Compensation created two new grouped student positions. They are:
     -- Student Non Purdue Clerical
     -- Student Non Purdue Service

When there is a need to add these new grouped student positions to a department, please submit the Grouped Position Request Form, available on the Forms page of the Human Resource Services and Business @ Purdue Web sites.
These grouped student positions may be used to hire high school students or students enrolled at other higher education institutions as soon as HR Compensation advises the requesting department by email that they have been added.

There is no requirement to change the status of any current non-Purdue student now in grouped Student Clerical or Student Service positions, unless it is for tracking purposes. To do so, it will be necessary to:

     -- Request the grouped positions by submitting the Grouped Position Request Form to Compensation/HR/FREH and wait for an email notification that they are available for use.
     -- Once the grouped student position(s) is available, submit a transfer Personnel Action (PA) Form to the Shared Service Center, which will transfer the affected students to the correct grouped Student Non-Purdue position.

For more information or assistance, please contact the HR assistant at 494-7394.