Revised Position Description and Posting Forms Available Online - 10/4/12

Human Resources has modified the Position Description (PD) and Position Posting forms used by departments to define and post a new position, or revise an existing one. The updated forms are dated September 2012.

The most notable update appears on the Posting form, where departments are asked to list the position’s salary range to reflect the CUL and/or term of appointment. Providing the correct range on the form ensures that HR communicates the correct information with applicants.

The updated forms are posted on HR’s Forms website. They also can be accessed from the Human Resources/Positions page (under Category: Forms) of Business @ Purdue

The PD form is used by business offices to:
      Establish a new staff position.
      Describe the purpose or scope of an existing position that has significantly changed, prompting a classification review.
      Transfer a staff position to a new or existing org unit.
      Post a staff position when there is not an electronic copy of the PD form on file with Human Resources.

The Position Posting form is used to post a new or existing staff position.

HR urges staff to dispose of older versions of these forms and use only those dated September 2012.

Questions about the Position Description and Posting forms may be referred to the staff member’s compensation specialist.