‘Request for Roles’ Site Updated, More Information Offered - 02/17/09

Reference documents posted on Business Services Computing’s OnePurdue Role Request site have been updated. They now reflect the actual roles available for SAP and the designated areas to which they are to be assigned. 
Documents such as “How to Find Person ID/Position ID” and “List of all Roles, Role Owners, Role Approvers and SSG Analysts” are available, as well as Human Resources/Payroll or Finance roles and job descriptions.

For example, the Business Manager OnePurdue Roles Template has been updated to include both the Display Name (the name on the Role Request Form) and Technical Name (the name shown in SAP) for each role.  It also includes a brief description of how a role is used, a sample of tcodes available to the role holder, and guidance about which types of staff may need to have a role.

Questions about assigning roles in the Director of Business Managers areas may be directed by email to Jan Bessler or by phoning her at 494-9298.