Use Quota Corrections Form to Cancel Grads’ Quota Balance - 03/24/09

When grad students end their appointment, transfer to another appointment or separate, please submit a Quota Corrections Form to Payroll to zero out their quota balances. 

Since the SAP go-live almost two years ago, additional issues with grad quotas have been identified. Currently, when grads move to a regular position, their quota balances stay with them unless a Quota Corrections Form is prepared to zero out the balance. Thus, the system shows quota balances higher than the “new position” should have. 

Additionally, it is important to remember that separated grads should have a zero balance in the system to prevent future quota balance errors.
Payroll is working on a clean-up process for terminated grads with quota balances. It also is working toward identifying grads who have moved into new positions. Once Payroll has identified a list of grads, it will begin to fix their quota balances. 

Business Offices will be advised as Payroll moves forward.