Please Follow the Process When Department or Org Unit Name Changes Are Known - 03/24/11

Changes that affect department or organization unit names whether a name change, a merger, or an addition can impact systems campus-wide. To help alleviate possible system-related problems, Cheryl Gray would like to remind business office staff of the process to follow when department or org unit changes occur.

Please notify Stacy Umlauf, systems/report accountant, as soon as all the appropriate approvals for the change have been established. Once she receives the information and the expected date the change goes into effect, she communicates the change to system support staff campus-wide so they can prepare.

The sooner the various systems staff know about coming department or org unit changes, the sooner they can initiate necessary preparations so problems can be avoided.

For more information, please refer to the Process for Managing Org Units, available on the People/Positions page of Business @ Purdue. Following the process will help ensure that the change occurs smoothly within all University systems.