Two New Org Units Created - 02/19/09

Two West Lafayette Organization Units in SAP Organizational Management were completed Wednesday.

The effective date was set to 2/6/2009 and these relationships were established: 
     -- Cost Center
     -- Supervising Org Unit
     -- Affirmative Action Org Code
     -- Personnel Org Code
     -- BA School code 

Human Resources (HR) Compensation and Employment were notified so the creation of positions could commence. The chief position will need to be identified and assigned in the near future.

Org Unit ID    Cost Center    Short Name        Long Name
50063898       4022041000     4 Sr. Dir. PM&C     Sr. Dir. of Proj.
                                                                  Mgmt. & Constr.
50063899       4022042000     4 Proj. Mgmt.       Project Management

A new Personnel Org Code of C1607 also was created and assigned to these two org units to enable accurate grouping and reporting within Physical Facilities.