‘Maintaining Supervisor Information’ Process Written, Posted on Business @ Purdue - 05/7/09

The process for Maintaining Supervisor Information in SAP recently has been written and posted on the Business @ Purdue site. 

When administrative supervision – hiring, firing decisions, pay adjustments, performance review – changes for a staff or faculty position, the supervisor links in SAP should be updated utilizing the Supervision Roster.

Business Offices should review this information when posting an existing position, creating a new position, or when supervisor relationships change for other reasons.  This will ensure correct supervisor relationship data is passed to the budget system and other modules in SAP. 

The Supervision Roster Form is included in the electronic Position Description Form or can be found on Business @ Purdue listed under “Forms” in the “People/Positions Information” category.

For more information, please contact Human Resources Assistant Julia Bilbrey by email or phone, 494-7394.