Fall ’10 Workforce Model Available in DSS Production - 12/9/10

The fall 2010 workforce file/model is available in DSS (Decision Support System) production.
This year’s workforce model contains two notable changes from last year’s.
First, two new race/ethnicity variables have been added to the file to identify the new reporting categories mandated by the National Center for Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education for the IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) reporting cycle beginning 2011. These new variables can be found at the bottom of the variable list in the model’s “fact” table. 

The two variables are named below and contain the following Race/Ethnicity codes and text labels:

IPEDS RE Code 2010 IPEDS RE Name 2010
          E1 Hispanic of any race
          R1 American Indian or Alaskan Native
          R2 Asian
          R3 Black or African American
          R4 Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
          R5 White
          2++ Two or more races
          NRA Non-resident aliens
          RE? Race/ethnicity unknown

The second change can be found in the SAP IDN (Institutional Data Network) Staff Classification Dimension Table. Comparing 2009 with 2010, please note that the continuing and limited term lecturers have been broken out from the “Non-Tenure Track Faculty” category into their own subcategory labeled “Lecturers.” Also the “Faculty at 50 Percent” category, a very small group historically, has been distributed by rank within the “Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty” category. The Office of the Provost requested these classification changes.
Please contact Joe Braun, human resources information analyst, Administrative Computing, if there are questions or issues with this year’s data.