Paid Parental Leave Moves Forward with Updated Forms, New Codes - 11/6/08

Purdue University’s paid paid parental leave policy has been in effect since Oct. 1, 2008, for faculty and staff who meet the University’s definition of “parent.” At that time, Human Resource Services issued an interim process and corresponding checklist, which will remain in place until further notice. In the meantime, staff should be aware of these updates to the PPL:

-- Forms have been changed to facilitate the new PPL process. They are: Form 33ABSENCE,  FMLA Request and Notice, FMLA Medical Certification Form, HRS Form 33FMLA, Leave Action Form. Coaching on how to complete the new forms is provided as outlined in the interim process.

-- As of Nov. 6, paid parental leave will be recorded on all university forms using PPL (paid parental leave only) and FMPL (paid parental leave and FMLA running concurrently). PPL/FMPL absence codes do not currently appear on University time cards. Please be sure to instruct employees to use PPL or FMPL when recording time. When the next order of University time cards are made, both PPL and FMPL absence codes will be added.

-- As of Nov 6, please discontinue using OL (Other Leave) to record PPL and FMPL absences into CATS. As Nov. 6, PPL and FMPL absence codes will appear and be available for use within CATS. 
-- Payroll has established PPL quota balances for all approved PPL leaves that have been submitted and approved. Approved quota balances can now be viewed via T Code PT50 (Quota Overview).

-- PPL quotas can not be established unless the PPL checklist has been followed. Time administrators will not be able to use PPL and FMPL absence codes until PPL quotas have been established. Therefore, forms must be received and processed before time is entered into SAP.
-- HR and Payroll will work with the System Support Group (SSG) to develop PPL/FMPL reports for senior leadership and the board of trustees. Therefore the continued use of OL is not the preferred alternative for entering PPL absences.

-- The SSG Training and Communications team is developing training materials and coordinating PPL training sessions. The sessions are expected to begin early December. The interim process will remain in place until all training has concluded.
Please send questions concerning PPL and related training to