Leave Calculation for Voluntary Transfers or Reclassifications - 03/12/13

Three new processes have been created to assist in knowing what leaves employees have available, as well as what their balances are.  Determining the amount of sick leave, vacation, personal holiday or personal business days can be a challenge; these processes will help in calculating these balances. 

The processes for these situations are:

  1. Leave Accruals/Allotments for a Voluntarily Transfer of an Op/Tec or Administrative Position to a Clerical/Service Position 
  2. Leave Accruals/Allotments for a Reclassification/Transfer of a Clerical/Service Position to an Op/Tech or Administratirative Professional Position
  3. Leave Accruals/Allotments for a Reclassificationof an Opt/Tech or Administrative Position to a Clerical/Service Position

Any questions regarding these processes should be directed to Tammy Synesael in Human Resources at or 765-494-1691.