Human Resources Revises Several Leave of Absence Forms - 06/24/10

Human Resources has updated six leave forms. The revisions were prompted by a policy change reducing the number of forms required for leaves of 22 working days or less. The changes allow for several improvements including a reduced number of Request for Leave Action forms routed for approval, improved processing time due to combined approvals, and  clear leave definitions so leaves are handled consistently.

The affected forms are:
     Request and Leave Action form (RLA)
     Form 33 Absence
     Leave Action Form
     Family Medical Leave Act Request and Notice
     FMLA Medical Certification Form
     OnePurdue Leaves Reference Grid

The policy change goes into effect July 1, when research/instructional/engagement travel and change-in-duty station leaves of 22 working days or less will require only a Form 17 (Request for Authority to Travel on University Business), and will eliminate an RLA. The revised RLA form reflects that change.

The new version of the RLA form also defines the four new types of business-related leaves: research/instructional/engagement travel, outside activity leave, sabbatical, and change in duty station.

In addition, a tab has been added that, when clicked, opens instructions for completing the form. It, like the other forms, also bears a number of minor changes resulting from the new policy. Another added tab is the Leave Decision Guide, which lists the type of leave, duration, compensation, forms needed and final approval.

Use of the revised forms will start July 1. Human Resources Benefits will accept old forms already in process though Aug. 31.

Human Resources Benefits staff will cover the updated forms in an “Introduction to Leave Policy” class Friday afternoon, June 25. The class also will include business and personal leaves and the opportunity to ask questions. For details and registration information, please see the June 3 Business @ Purdue News article, Registration Available for ‘Introduction to Leave Policy.’

Links to the forms are available on the Forms page of the Vice President for Human Resources website and the Leave of Absence & Disability Information page of the Business @ Purdue website.