Human Resources Issues Notice of Change for Workers’ Compensation Claims - 06/15/10

JWF Specialty Company of Indianapolis will manage Workers’ Compensation claims for Purdue University beginning July 1.

Information regarding the change is detailed in the following message from Human Resources:


The Time Has Arrived!

Effective July 1, 2010, Purdue will begin using JWF Specialty Company for the management of Workers’ Compensation claims. 


• Injuries which occurred prior to July 1, 2010, will be managed by Liberty Mutual.
• Claims which have been filed with Liberty Mutual will continue to be handled by Liberty Mutual.
• Current claims will not switch to JWF.
• Injuries which occur on July 1, 2010 or later will be managed by JWF. 

Procedure for reporting claims to JWF:

• If an injury occurred on July 1, 2010, or later, it will be reported electronically to JWF.
• A new First Report of Injury (FROI) form will be available July 1 via the Workers’ Compensation page of the Vice President for Human Resources website.
• If you are unable to submit a FROI electronically, see the website for alternatives.
• Instructions for completing the FROI are included on the website.
• IMPORTANT: The supervisor or designee reporting the injury will need to add the business office contact for their area to the “cc” portion of the e-mail.
• The employee’s PUID will be necessary when completing a FROI. (Enter the first 10 numbers.)
• The person submitting the report should print a copy of the FROI before hitting the “Submit” button.
• Clicking “Submit” will automatically send the form to JWF, REM (Radiological & Emergency Management), and the Workers’ Compensation coordinators at Purdue. (Don’t forget to add the business office.)
• Copies of the FROI are kept in a department file. This file should be kept separate from the employee’s personnel file.

Contact JWF if the employee is going to be off work due to the injury or illness. You may contact JWF at 1-800-359-6659.

Procedure for reporting claims to Liberty Mutual is unchanged:

• If an injury occurred prior to July 1, 2010, it should be reported to Liberty Mutual.
• Use the First Report of Injury form designated for Liberty Mutual.
• Complete the form online, print it, and call in the information to Liberty Mutual.

Employees may also refer to Workers’ Compensation at

Contact Information:

JWF Specialty
P.O. Box 40996
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Christie Nygaard
Claim Specialist – WC
Ph: (317) 706-9591
Fax: (317) 706-9791

Liberty Mutual
P.O. Box 7170
Indianapolis, IN 46207

Tammy Synesael
Staff Benefits Disability Coordinator
(765) 494-1691

Deb Popa
Return to Work Coordinator
(765) 494-0306

For more information about the Workers’ Compensation claims, please contact Deb Popa.