Tax Department Updates Permission to Request SSN Form - 08/10/10

To more efficiently collect new Social Security numbers from employees, the Tax Department requests that all employees who apply for a Social Security number complete a Permission to Request SSN Form. The new form has been revised for clarity, but it contains the same information as the old form.

The form authorizes the Social Security Administration to fax the new Social Security number to the Purdue University Tax Department in the event the employee leaves the University without providing the number.

The business office should furnish the request form to any employee who is applying for a Social Security number. The employee must complete all yellow highlighted fields, consisting of name, date of birth, and signature. The business office should submit the completed form to the Tax Department, along with the required Glacier documents.

During the Graduate Payroll Orientation, the Tax Department will distribute the Permission to Request SSN Form. The Tax Department will review the orientation folder and indicate whether the form has been completed.

Please do not fax or mail the form to the Social Security Administration, as it will be used only as a last resort by the Tax Department to collect the employee’s Social Security number. Employees will continue to submit their Social Security card to their business office.

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