Role Requests Necessary for Access to Electronic I-9 System - 04/5/12

When I-9 completers leave their job with the University, their department supervisor must submit an Electronic I-9 Service Request Form to remove or replace the employees’ access to the Electronic I-9 system.

Once the request is processed, the new I-9 completer will receive an invitation to register for the Electronic I-9 training, and the former I-9 completer’s access will be removed from the system.

If the current I-9 completer is transferring to a position where access to the Electronic I-9 system is needed, the new supervisor should work with the Payroll Appointment Service Center (PASC) to continue that person’s access so it is not deleted.

After training, the new I-9 completer will be able to assume I-9 functions for the department.

Please direct Form I-9 questions to