Processes to Change for Certain New Hires in Business Services - 08/28/08

The New Employment Orientation (NEO) program going into effect in September will create a few new processes for the paperwork necessary for many types of new hires in Business Services.

The NEO and the new processes will apply only to new hires from outside the University, as well as transfers from outside Business Services and interns at supervisors’ discretion. Not affected are undergraduate and graduate students, temporary employees and transfers from within Business Services.

The new hire’s start date will coincide with orientation, to be held the first and third Mondays. If a holiday falls on one of those Mondays, the orientation will begin on Tuesday.

These are the new procedures:

1. Account clerks in Business Services will submit the Personnel Action form, an unsigned Form 13 (fill in only the full name, address, gender, date of birth, and Social Security Number) and a copy of the offer letter (does not apply to biweekly staff) to the Shared Service Center in Freehafer. This information must be submitted one week prior to the Friday preceding the new hire’s orientation.

2. A checklist of the processing steps will be available on the Business Services Web page in a few days. Account clerks will be asked to print the checklist on green paper, fill it out and attach it as a cover sheet to the new hire’s paperwork to indicate that the individual will participate in the NEO.

3. Additional new-hire paperwork I-9, WH4, W4, and signed Form 13 is to be completed during the morning of the first day of orientation.

4. New hires will be asked to input their information for: direct deposit, education and self-identification into ESS during the afternoon of the first day or orientation.

Additionally, these previously established steps will apply as well to those supported by the HR/Financial Zone:

1. The Zone will receive all LAN forms. The deadline for the LAN form is the week prior to the Friday preceding the new hire’s orientation.

2. Shelly Van Allen with the Zone will contact the supervisor to schedule the deskside PC orientation for Wednesday (or Thursday) following the NEO.

3. Those included in the NEO will receive their career account and generic password during the Zone overview during the afternoon of the first day of the orientation. The individuals will be required to log in and change their passwords at that time.

Following the steps outlined above will allow for a successful introduction to Business Services to occur at the orientation.

The first orientation will be Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 15 and 16 in the Business Services Training Room of Freehafer Hall. It will be geared for new employees who verbally accepted an offer prior to Sept. 5 and who will begin their employment on Sept. 15.

For more information about these processes and NEO, please contact Shasta White, 496-7753 or