PASC Offers Tips for Employee Search or Creation in Electronic I-9 System - 04/26/12

The Payroll Appointment Service Center (PASC) has compiled several tips for I-9 completers for searching for or creating employees within the TALX Electronic I-9 system.

  1. When searching for an employee’s case, do an initial search by first and last name. If an employee’s case is presented with a bold, red M, choose this case to make additions or corrections.

  2. If an employee’s case is not found by first and last name, perform a second search by Social Security number, if available.

  3. If an employee’s case is not found, start processing a new I-9.

  4. When creating a case for an employee with only a single name, place “Unknown” in the other name field. This allows the case to be processed by E-Verify.

  5. When creating an employee’s case, use the legal name from federally issued documents.

The TALX Electronic I-9 service is a 24-hour paperless employment verification system that integrates with E-Verify. It was fully implemented in late December 2011 to be used by every Purdue University office and department.

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