Interim Changes to I-9 Process Due to E-Verify to Be Effective Jan. 27 - 01/21/10

A Presidential Executive Order that went into effect in October 2009 mandated the use of E-Verify for all federal contractors meeting certain criteria. To comply, Purdue University must now use the E-Verify system for all new hires and any current employee working on a federal contract with the E-Verify clause written into the contract. 

Purdue will begin using the E-Verify program provided by the Department of Homeland Security on Jan. 27. 

The E-Verify system compares and validates employee work authorization data stored by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) databases.

Due to the new E-Verify requirements, the Shared Services Center (SSC) is changing processes pertaining to the I-9 form. Here is a list of changes to be aware of when hiring or rehiring an employee. The new guidelines will be effective Jan. 27.

Changes to completing the I-9:
     -- Acceptable List B documents MUST INCLUDE A PHOTO. Those documents currently listed under List B on the I-9 form that do not include a photo, will no longer be acceptable for I-9 purposes.
     -- In the certification section of the I-9 under “business name and address,” enter the department and building instead of PU and address.

The I-9 for a new hire or rehire is to be completed as a part of the hiring process on or before the first day worked. The new hire or rehire I-9 will need to be sent directly to the I-9 processor in the SSC/FREH for E-Verify processing.

SSC staff will enter a new hire or rehire PA only if the I-9 has been received by the SSC.

The I-9 processor will enter the I-9 data into E-Verify and receive a verification number. The verification number will be entered into SAP in infotype 0094 in the “Case Verification Number” field.

When the I-9 processor receives a non-confirmation from E-Verify for an employee, the business office will be notified immediately. The business office is notified via e-mail and will be responsible for contacting the employee. The employee will then have three business days to contact the I-9 processor for an appointment where they will be provided with the necessary information to resolve the issue. After receiving the information from the I-9 processor, the employee then has eight business days to contact or visit the Social Security office concerning the non-confirmation.

New hires without a Social Security number who are provided with a temporary “999” number will have three weeks from their hire date to provide a valid Social Security number to their business office. Once the business office has this information, it must be immediately provided to the I-9 processor in the SSC for E-Verify processing.

The I-9 for those with “999s” is still required upon hire for PA entry.
An updated version of the I-9 training is available on the SSC Web site.

For more information, please contact Gayla Ruark, HRS, leaves management and operations administration, 494-6705; or Robyn Williams, HRS, 494-9688.