Updates to Grad Student Manuals Clarify Minimum CUL for Appointments - 02/17/09

Appendix A of Policies and Procedures for Administering Graduate Student Programs and Appendix C of the Graduate Student Employment Manual were updated in January to make more clear the appropriate CUL levels for graduate appointments.

Previously, the manual specified that graduate staff appointments could not be made below 25.00 CUL (Capacity Utilization Level). With the recent change, that language now reads: “Unless a graduate staff appointment of at least 50.00 CUL is held, no graduate staff appointment of less than 25.00 CUL may be made. Two 25.00 CUL graduate staff appointments are permitted.”

Additionally, the manual previously indicated that a combination of appointments was possible, and appointments beyond 50.00 CUL could be made in any increment. That language has been changed to: “A combination of appointments is possible. Appointments beyond 50.00 CUL, to a maximum of 100.00 CUL, may be made. However, additional appointments must be at least 8.00 CUL.”

Both publications can also be accessed on the Purdue University Graduate School Web site by clicking the “Academics & Research” category and scrolling down to “Publications” on the drop-down list.