Fall ’09 Data Available in DSS SAP Workforce Model - 12/10/09

The DSS (Decision Support System) SAP Workforce Model has been updated with the fall 2009 data. The model, as a logical unit, has not changed from the previous two years. However, there are new categories within the SAP IDN (Institutional Data Network) Staff Classification dimension table for the year 2009. These changes will not affect any Brio queries that count “REPORTABLE” faculty or staff categories for West Lafayette, Calumet or the North Central campuses.

The new reportable categories were added to provide detailed Faculty Rank information and additional staff classifications for Indiana University employees at the Fort Wayne campus.

Also, more “unreportable” detail is now available with the addition of the following categories: Courtesy Faculty Appointment, Interdepartmental Faculty Appointment, Interdepartmental Staff Appointment, Faculty with Other Appointment, Emeritus Faculty Appointment.

For more information, please email Joe Braun, senior information systems analyst, Human Resource Services.