Court-issued Garnishment Documents, Requests for Employee Information, and Employment Verifications to Be Referred to Central Payroll - 06/19/12

Central Payroll reminds West Lafayette and regional campus business offices that all documents regarding garnishments, tax liens and other court-ordered deductions, as well as requests for employee payroll information, must be directed to Central Payroll located in Freehafer Hall.

There are laws and requirements about what types of information the University releases and how it is released. Central Payroll is required to track all information it releases. Business offices may have access to the information requested; however, all documentation must be processed through Central Payroll. No copies should be retained.

Due to time sensitivity, please send these documents or requests intact — including the envelopes — as soon as received to Central Payroll via campus mail to “Payroll/FREH.”

If you receive a certified letter addressed to an entity other than Purdue University, you should not sign for the letter nor accept it.