Quota Payout Request Form Updated - 10/15/09

Payroll recently updated the Quota Payout Request Form. By listing more reasons why a Quota Payout Request Form would be processed, Payroll intended to make the form more user-friendly.

The revised form notes that a Quota Payout Request Form would be processed not only when an employee leaves the University. The form also would be processed when an exempt employee goes on voluntary early partial retirement, or when exempt or operational technical assistant employees change their CUL. 

In addition, the revised form includes important factors to consider during its processing, such as whether the employee receives an administrative supplement or shift differential pay. 
The revised form also includes two work sheet tabs -- one for instructions to fill out the form; the second tab includes the Biweekly Accrual Factor Sheet used for determining the final pay period accrual amount for a biweekly employee.

The Quota Payout Request Form can be accessed on the Business @ Purdue Web site, where it is listed under the People/Compensation categories page. It also is available on the Payroll Department Web site, listed under the Forms gold tab.
Questions about the Quota Payout Request Form may be emailed to Tracy Sondgerath.