Payroll Using ZZAY Summer Absence Code - 05/22/12

Payroll reminds departments that it again is using the special summer absence code, ZZAY, to properly pay all AY appointments.

These absences allow the AY salary to calculate correctly: May and August one-half AY monthly salary; June and July no AY salary. Summer pay, as submitted on the calculators, is not affected by this process.

Payroll anticipates running this job three or four days before the beginning of the monthly payroll writes each month for May through August.

Here is how the process affects business offices:

  • Before the ZZAY job is run each month, payroll sims for that month will show the full AY monthly salary amount being paid.

  • After the ZZAY job is run, payroll sims will show one-half AY monthly salary (May and August) or no AY monthly salary (June and July) being paid. There may be a time lag for Personnel Action forms that were not entered at the time the ZZAY job was run. Central Payroll runs the ZZAY program the evening before the payroll write to account for actions entered after the initial program was run.

  • Staff who enter time may notice ZZAY absence codes in CAT2 as they enter other time. Payroll reminds them to never change or remove any of these absences. Doing so could result in overpayments that the business office would then have to collect back from the employee.

Staff with questions about a particular situation, or who believe the ZZAY is incorrect, may contact Rochelle Greer in Central Payroll at for resolution.