Payroll Updates Biweekly Timecard - 02/15/11

Payroll has revised the biweekly timecard in both the electronic and paper formats with a new verification statement and an updated list of attendance codes. Because of the changes, departments should use only the updated timecards beginning March 1.

The timecard changes apply only to West Lafayette campus employees.

Payroll’s new biweekly electronic timecard is an option for all biweekly paid employees and can be found on the Payroll website by clicking the Time Management link at the top of the Web page. A PDF of the paper timecard also can be accessed on the Time Management page.

The revised verification statement indicates that the employee certifies that the timecard reflects the correct number of hours and no other unauthorized or unreported hours were worked. In addition, the supervisor certifies that the reported hours are accurate and complete and that the distribution of effort for the period is reasonable.

To assist staff in completing the updated timecards, Payroll has posted one revised and one newly created QRC on its website. The first, Paper Biweekly Timecard QRC, shows how to fill out a hard-copy timecard. The second, Electronic Biweekly Timecard QRC, provides tips for the electronic timecard.

Payroll prefers that business office staff use up their supplies of the current timecards by the end of February. Questions may be referred to