Payroll Rolls Out New Absence Quota Information Feature - 02/18/10

Payroll has implemented the absence quota information feature in SAP that allows business office personnel to view employees’ absence quota balances of all types for any given date since the SAP system went live. Previously, only current and live balances were available in SAP.

Staff with access to t-code PT_QTA10 (time administrators and most business managers) can begin the Absence Quota Information process by entering the t-code into SAP.
To assist authorized staff obtain the quota information, Payroll has developed and posted to its Web site an illustrated quick reference card instructing how to populate the new quota balance feature’s fields with the personnel number and desired dates.
Payroll stresses that it is crucial for the fields to be completed exactly as instructed. When fields are populated correctly, Payroll expects the results to report up-to-the-day quota balances for each type of leave requested.

Two additional points which Payroll emphasizes are:
     -- Monthly and bi-weekly employees receive their earned accrual on the last night of the pay period. For dates, see paydate calendars on the Payroll Department Web site.
     -- To view all quota types and hours earned per pay period, use t-code PT50 and select “All” and then “Accrual Information Tab.”

The new quota feature offers numerous benefits, Payroll said, including ease in troubleshooting and running reports. However, it is not a projection tool. Thus the end-period date entered on the selection screen should not exceed the date the report is run.

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