Reminder from Payroll: Business Offices to Run ‘Not Paid’ Report to Identify Inactive Employees - 01/26/12

It is time for business offices to run their “Not Paid” report — T-code zhr_not_paid_pp — to identify their biweekly staff whose hours have not been entered for the last three months.

Employees not being paid and not separated cause lengthy run times, longer “down times” and problems with processing court-ordered documents.

Payroll asks business offices and departmental payroll clerks to review the employees named on the “Not Paid” report and to process a Personnel Action Form for those who should be separated from the University or need an end additional appointment action.

To ensure employees in SAP are active and to improve system functionality when payroll is run, the Payroll Office recommends that business offices use the T-code to run the report once every quarter — on the 20th day of January, April, July and October. Payroll has listed the task on its website’s Monthly Payroll Calendar as a reminder.

A link to the T-code zhr_not_paid_pp Quick Reference Card is available under “Resources” on the People/Compensation page of Business @ Purdue.

Questions about the T-code or the report may be directed to Payroll at