Payroll Explains ‘Section 3’ and ‘New Hire’ Buttons within the Electronic I-9 System - 02/21/12

Central Payroll is clarifying the functionality of the “Section 3” and “New I-9” buttons that are within the Electronic I-9 (TALX) system. Purdue University uses the Electronic I-9 system to authorize employment eligibility, a requirement of the federal government.

The “Section 3” and “New I-9” buttons are found on the Employee Detail page after locating the correct employee within the Electronic I-9 system. 

The I-9 completer uses the “Section 3” button only to update an employee’s expired work authorization documentation. When this action is applied, the employee will not be processed through E-verify.

The I-9 completer uses the “New I-9” button for an employee who has changed residency status or has been rehired after a separation from Purdue University. Payroll emphasizes:

  • If the employee is changing residency status, that employee’s Electronic I-9 case information will be processed through E-verify to establish employment eligibility with Purdue University.

  • When the employee is rehired after employment separation within the retention period of three years after hire date or one year after termination, whichever is later, the employee will not need to be processed through E-verify.

  • If the employee is being rehired after employment separation and is outside the retention period mentioned above, the employee must be processed through E-verify to establish employment eligibility.

QRCs have been created to help with processing the situations listed above. These QRCs can be accessed from the I-9 Information page on the Payroll Appointment Service Center website, and the Online Electronic I-9 Service page of the Business Services Training & Communications website.

Please direct Form I-9 questions to