Payroll Clarifies Timekeeping for Vacation and Holiday Pay - 11/10/09

As an addendum to a Nov. 5 Business @ Purdue News article urging clerical and service staff to review the University’s vacation and holiday pay policies, Payroll reminds staff who process payroll about entering time into SAP at year-end.

The article from Human Resource Services (“Human Resource Services Urges Staff to Review Vacation and Holiday Pay Policies”) informed clerical and service staff that they could carry up to 320 hours of accrued vacation into the 2010 calendar year. Thus, whatever vacation time they accrued over 320 hours would be lost if not used prior to Dec. 31.

Payroll reminds clerical and service staff that the first 2010 pay period begins Dec. 21. It ends Jan. 3. The policy states biweekly staff must factor in the hours they accrue during the year’s last pay period up to the last day of the calendar year.

Because SAP is a “live” system, the 320-hour maximum vacation accrual can be applied through Dec. 31, Payroll said. However, only time taken off through Dec. 30 will come off the staff member’s time balance prior to the end of the year since Dec. 31 is a University holiday.

Time entry for Pay Period 1 does not start until Monday, Jan. 4, 2010. As a result, on Jan. 1 the SAP system will show a subtraction of any hours exceeding 320, but it will adjust itself when the time is keyed for Pay Period 1.

For more information, please contact Tracy Sondgerath by email or phone at 494-0050.