Payroll Announces Changes, Reminder - 12/2/08

According to Payroll, business office staff and time administrators should be advised of an updated form, new information added to the Payroll calendar and the importance of time certification.

In response to the University’s adoption of the Paid Parental Leave policy, Payroll has updated its Quota Correction form. The form now provides an area for changing the expected date for the leave to the actual date the leave began. The revised form is available on the Payroll Web site and can be found by clicking the gold tab labeled “Forms” and then choosing “Quota Correction Form” from the drop-down list.

Training for Paid Parental Leave is being conducted in December and January, when staff will learn more about the processes, procedures and updated guidelines.

Payroll reminds staff that when departments submit retro time to be keyed into the system, it also must receive a Time Certification reported on the Biweekly Payroll Certification form. 

Also of interest to business office staff, Payroll has included the quota payout/retro time deadlines to the Payroll calendar, available on the Payroll Web site by clicking the “Calendars” gold tab. Please review the Monthly Payroll Calendar dated July 2008 to June 2009.