New Plan Announced for Collecting Voluntary Benefit
Deductions Missing on January Biweekly Pays - 02/5/09

Voluntary benefit deductions missed on January biweekly pays will be made up by taking a double deduction from each February biweekly pay. This change from the original plan that Payroll and Staff Benefits announced last week is intended to simplify and shorten the collection process. 

The double deductions will affect only those biweekly paid employees who had no voluntary benefit deductions from both Jan. 14 and Jan. 28 pays.  Employees who missed the deduction only from their Jan. 14 pay had a double deduction taken from the Jan. 28 pay and are already caught up. 

Biweekly employees who wish to verify the deductions taken from their January pays can check Employee Self Service (ESS), said John Beelke, director of Human Resource Services.

The initial plan was to recover the missed deductions by dividing the annual voluntary benefits premium by 24 and taking it in equal installments from the 24 biweekly pays in February through December 2009. 

Voluntary benefits include dental, homeowner’s, auto, universal life, prepaid legal, and others.

“The insurance carriers have assured us there will be no loss of coverage and no problem with claims because of this,” Beelke said.

The situation occurred because of difficulty with a file from the University’s voluntary benefits administrator, USI Affinity.

Employees can access ESS by logging into the OnePurdue portal with their Career Account and password. Entry to the portal is available on several University Web sites, including the Purdue home page, where “OnePurdue Portal” is listed below the “Access Purdue” header on the lower right side.

Employees with questions may contact Staff Benefits at or 494-2222.