New Direct Deposit Request Form Posted and Ready for Use - 04/16/09

The Payroll Department has posted a new Direct Deposit Application for Payroll form on its Web site and urges all departments to begin using it immediately.

The form provides a space for the employee’s Purdue identification number (PUID), which must be included before submitting the form to the Shared Service Center (SSC) in Freehafer.

Payroll points out that a voided check should be taped, not stapled, to the back of the form for each checking account to facilitate scanning. However, stapling a full sheet of paper to the form is acceptable.

Auditors will not accept crossed-out or changed information, so please make sure checks and attachments match what’s written on the front of the form. If information does not match, please contact the employee for verification.

According to Payroll, it is “imperative” that ALL requested information be provided on the form.  SSC will return all incomplete forms to the submitters.

The form also includes a second page with instructions for completing the form, and the Payroll Web site provides a list of frequently asked questions about direct deposit.

Supplies of the old form may be deposited in the recycle bin. Think green.