HRS Provides New Guide for Student Classification, New Wage Scale - 06/11/09

Purdue customers have asked for a simplified process for classifying biweekly student positions. In response, Human Resource Services (HRS) Compensation has taken two steps.

First, it has updated the Student Wage and Classification Guide, which provides clear instructions for placing new student hires into the appropriate level.

Second, effective July 1, the number of levels within the undergraduate student classification system will be reduced from seven to four. As new students are hired this summer and fall, please place them into one of these four levels using the information in the Student Wage and Classification Guide as needed.

Due to the large volume of student employees, HRS is taking no action at this time to move any existing student positions in levels 5, 6, and 7 to one of the other levels.

With publication of new wage scales on July 24, some student pay may be out of bracket. The minimum pay for Level 1 will be increased to $7.25 on July 24 to reflect the new federal minimum wage that goes into effect that date.

No corrective action by departments is necessary at this time. HRS will work with departments in the fall to review all student positions to make the appropriate adjustments.

New pay scales for the West Lafayette campus will be available on the Compensation Web site as of June 22. For students, the new pay scale will be:

                                Minimum                   Maximum
     Pay Level 1      $ 6.55*/$13,624       $11.00/$22,880
     Pay Level 2      $ 8.00/$16,640         $14.00/$29,120
     Pay Level 3      $ 9.00/$18,720         $18.00/$37,440
     Pay Level 4      $10.50/$21,840        $45.00/$93,600

     *increased to $7.25 on July 24, 2009

Regional campuses will communicate directly with their departments about the student pay ranges in effect at their campuses. For the FY 2009-10 student pay scale on a regional campus, please contact that campus’ HR office.

For more information, please contact Deb Turner, 494-7410.