Purdue Employees Cannot Be Paid for Extra Services Via Invoice Vouchers - 06/2/09

Information from the Internal Revenue Service indicates that it is no longer appropriate for the University to process invoice vouchers submitted by regular employees who perform services for another department.

Those employees include faculty, administrative/professional, clerical, service, graduate students, lecturers and post docs.

The following guidelines from Human Resource Services will assist employees determine the correct method to generate payment when they perform extra services beyond the scope of their regular jobs:

1. Biweekly Paid Employees Regular and Temporary Clerical, Service and Operations/Technical, and Biweekly Students

If a department hires a biweekly paid employee to do something specific, such as play the piano for a special function or participate in/support a program or activity, the business office must:
     -- set up a temporary/student position
     -- establish an hourly rate of pay
     -- process a personnel action form
     -- have the employee record hours worked on a timecard so the time can be entered to generate payment.

See Business @ Purdue for hiring processes for temporary employees (new, rehires, and additional appointments) regarding how to set up temporary appointments.

2. Monthly Paid Staff Faculty, Regular and Temporary Administrative/Managerial, Monthly Paid Graduate Students, Lecturers, Post Docs

If a department wants to pay a monthly paid staff member from a different department to provide extra services such as playing the piano, participating in the development of a program or presentation, writing or editing the department must submit a memo either to the provost or Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer whichever office the department reports to. For full-time employees, the memo must request approval for the overload; for part-time employees, it must request extra duty payment.

The memo should include:
     -- the purpose of the additional appointment
     -- the time period involved
     -- the amount of the overload or extra duty payment
     -- signature lines for Approval Recommended:
          -- department head of requesting department
          -- dean of requesting department
          -- department head of home department (if concurrently employed)
          -- dean of home department (if concurrently employed)
          -- provost

Once the request has been approved, complete an ADPAY Form, attach a copy of the approved memo and send them to the Shared Service Center in Freehafer for processing. For additional information, please see Processing Overloads and Extra Duty Pay.

3. Individuals Not Currently Employed by Purdue

Prospective employees, who have never worked at Purdue University, should be paid through the direct invoice voucher (DIV) process for work performed prior to their first day of employment. The voucher(s) should be processed prior to the date their official employment begins.

The correct method of payment to former Purdue employees for work performed depends on how long they have been separated (terminated) from the University.

For individuals who have not been paid through the payroll system for the previous 12 months from the earliest date the extra work was performed, the DIV process may be used to generate payment.

Payment to individuals who left Purdue less than 12 months from the time the work was performed, must be through the payroll system. See items No. 1 and 2 to determine the correct method of payment.