Costing Office Offers Reminders About Cost Distribution Change Form - 07/28/09

The Costing Office reminds staff that before submitting a Cost Distribution Change Form (CD-01), they must be certain the form bears the required signatures.

Required signatures include:
     -- Bi-weekly employees must have the signature of either the project director or the supervisor. This is considered the certification just as is required on an original time card.
     -- Monthly employees: must have the signature of the business manager.
     -- All employees should have the signature of the preparer and the business manager

Any forms that have not included the proper signatures will be returned to the home cost center listed on the form. 

The Costing Office also urges staff to be aware that pre-audit is required for all changes that affect a sponsored program for bi-weekly employees. Additionally, changes older than 120 days for a sponsored program or accounts in closed status require a signature from Sponsored Program Services.

Cost Distribution Change Form instructions can be found on the Costing Office Web site under the Cost Dist/Effort gold tab. Cost distributions should be entered by the department. 

For more information, please email Andrea Siebecker or phone her at 494-7365.