Tax Department Advises Staff of W-2 Form Correction - 01/29/09

Purdue’s Assistant Comptroller Mary Alexander-Conte issued a memo Wednesday for all University employees advising that some of the recently issued 2008 W-2 forms are being reprinted with a correction. The memo follows.


To:            All Purdue University Employees
From:       Mary Alexander-Conte, Assistant Comptroller, Payroll & Taxes
Subject:   W-2 Correction

We have discovered a minor error on the IRS Form W-2 that affects only those employees who participate in our retirement plans.

In Box 13, the area next to “Retirement Plan” should have been marked for those individuals who participate in retirement plans through the University (TIAA-CREF, PERF, and Tax Deferred Annuities). All other information on the form is correct.

W-2s will be reprinted for only affected employees, and the form will be clearly marked “CORRECTION.” The revised form will be mailed to affected employees’ home addresses, postmarked on or before Feb. 2.

If you are affected, please use this corrected form for your tax return filing. However, if you are affected and expect to file your taxes before receiving the revised W-2 form, you can place a checkmark in Box 13 next to “Retirement Plan” on your W-2.

This correction does not affect any of the wage or deduction information on your form; the only change will be the “x” in Box 13.

If you have any questions, please contact our Tax office at 496-2227.