August Monthly Payrolls Complete -- Payroll Provides Off-Cycle Instructions - 08/26/09

The August monthly payrolls are complete, and here are the steps business offices should now take to make sure all their people get paid.

1.  Run the Payroll Validation Reports to determine which employees did not get paid with the regular payroll write. The payroll calendar indicates these reports cannot be run until Thurs, Aug. 27, but since the payroll is complete, you may run your reports now.

2.   Refer to the Aug. 13, 2009 Business @ Purdue article “Information Regarding Sept. 15 Special Off-Cycle Pay Available from Payroll” to get those employees paid on the special Sept 15 off-cycle.

3.  Notify the employees involved that they will not be paid until Sept. 15.

4.  DO NOT send unnecessary off-cycle forms “just in case.” This could result in your employee being paid incorrectly or possibly not at all. To summarize the info available from the link in Step 2, off-cycle forms should NOT be submitted if the action on the PA form is:
          New Hire
          Add Additional

 5.   The Aug. 31 off-cycle is primarily for biweekly employees who did not get paid on Aug. 26. Payroll can accept only a bare minimum of emergency monthly pays on this off-cycle and even those will depend on whether the action has been entered by the Shared Service Center yet. These exceptions require the approval of Assistant Comptroller for Payroll & Taxes Mary Alexander-Conte.

As Payroll works to get the estimated 500-600 off-cycles entered – a manual process – individual payroll employee availability may be spotty. So please email ALL questions related to this issue to Payroll does not want anyone to fall through the cracks!

Payroll thanks staff for their help as they work together during this very busy time.