HRS Provides Reporting Guidelines for ARRA-Related Positions - 06/9/09

As the recipient of federal stimulus funds provided by the American Recovery and Revitalization Act (ARRA) signed into law this year by President Barack Obama, Purdue University is obligated to adhere to its significant reporting requirements.

Among the required reporting areas are the positions and full-time equivalents (FTEs) created or maintained as a result of ARRA funds.

The following guidelines address those areas:

1. In situations where positions are paid directly by a grant identified by Sponsored Program Services (SPS) as a stimulus grant (i.e. the literal “STIM” has been coded in the “Internal Reference” field of SAP table GMGR), the information necessary to meet the reporting requirements can be obtained from the SAP I-043 interface file, also known as SAP Pay Charge file. There is no need for any action to identify these positions in the Human Resource Services’ (HRS) portion of SAP.

2. In cases where positions are created to support ARRA-funded projects but are not directly paid by ARRA funds as described above, an alternate method for tracking and reporting is needed.

An example of this would be a business manager position that is paid with general funds and that was created to provide business services for ARRA-funded programs or projects.

To facilitate the process, HRS has modified the Position Description and Posting Form.

While submitting position descriptions to establish these support positions, please note in the appropriate location on the forms that it is an ARRA-support position. 

HRS will enter this information into the OnePurdue system so it can be tracked.

The staff’s participation in this reporting effort is vital to the University’s continued access to the ARRA funds. To ask questions or express concerns about this communication, please contact Deb Turner by email or call 494-7410.