New Absence Codes Allow Proper Calculation of May and August AY Salaries - 05/19/09

Payroll has run a job to generate May ZZAY absence codes for all AY perners.

These absences allow May and August AY salary to calculate properly (1/2 AY monthly salary) and to suspend AY salary for June and July. Summer pay, as submitted on the calculators, is not affected by this process.

Payroll anticipates running this job twice each month on or about the 10th and again immediately before the monthly payroll write to catch any new AY appointments.

Payroll will notify staff each month when the initial run is processed.

Here is the process for staff:
     1. Before the job is run each month, payroll sims for that month will show the full AY monthly salary amount being paid.
     2. After the job is run, payroll sims will show 1/2 AY monthly salary (May and August) or no AY monthly salary (June and July) being paid.
     3. Staff may notice ZZAY absence codes in CAT2 as they enter other time. Please do not change or remove any of these absences. If you have a question about a particular situation or believe the ZZAY is incorrect, please contact for resolution.