PA Forms for Coming Semester Should Be Processed Without Delay - 12/29/09

In response to the announced rescission of state funding during the balance of this biennium, the University is moving forward with the plan to curtail hiring across all faculty and staff categories as one means of offsetting the decrease in funding.

It is important for business office staff to remember that academic appointment actions associated with the start of the semester such as changing appointments, adding appointments, ending appointments, etc. will continue as normal following established business processes. This includes appointments for research faculty, limited-term lecturers, post-docs, graduate students and undergraduate students.

In addition, any changes to salary i.e. administrative supplements, overloads, position reclassifications, etc. should follow the established guidelines for such adjustments and be routed through normal approval processes.

Please process and forward Personnel Action (PA) Forms associated with the preceding academic appointment actions to the Shared Services Center as soon as possible for review and processing. Doing so will ensure the timely and accurate entry of these actions in SAP and facilitate timely and accurate pay for all appointment actions.