Three Projects Move to Business Systems Priority List - 03/30/10

The OnePurdue Business Systems Project Management group recently moved three requests for service to the prioritized projects list.

The group approved “testing of Windows 7/Internet Explorer 8” as a project at its March 10 meeting. At its March 17 meeting, the group gave project status to the 2010 service stack upgrade and implementation of a new Workers’ Comp vendor. All now occupy positions on the current prioritized projects list.

Details of the projects include:

Windows 7/Internet Explorer 8 Testing
     -- Requested by: Jim Skiles, SAP integration Manager, IT Enterprise Applications 
     -- Process owner: Gary Yates, director, SAP Technical Competency Center, IT Enterprise Applications
     -- Contact: Gary Yates
     -- Description of project: Different parts of the organization are upgrading to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. The testing will verify whether SAP will work with those products. Verification will move them into a fully supported status.
     -- Proposed project timeline: To be completed by April 1
     -- Position on current priority list: No. 1

2010 Service Stack Upgrade
     -- Requested by: Jim Skiles
     -- Process owners: Mike Szczepanski, director, Business Services Computing; and Gary Yates
     -- Contact: Jim Skiles
     -- Description of project: The 2010 service stack upgrade to occur in the fall contains the SAP updates necessary for the end-of-year payroll processing and production of 2010 W-2 forms. It will require team input at various times; however, testing will take priority over other projects.
     -- Proposed project timeline: To be completed by Dec. 6, based on current projected timeline
     -- Position on current priority list: End of list

Implement New Workers’ Comp Vendor
     -- Requested by: Craig Hamaker, data and financial analyst, HR/Staff Benefits; Teresa Wesner, benefits manager retirement/life/disabilities, HR
     -- Process owners: John Beelke, director, HR/Staff Benefits
     -- Contact: Lester Burch, HR/Payroll team manager
     -- Description of project: Due to a change of vendors, the current vendor coverage ends June 30. The project involves implementation of a new interface before the mandatory due date of July 1.
     -- Proposed project timeline: July 1
     -- Position on current priority list: No. 30

The Project Management group is composed of representatives of most central support areas for business systems. Details about the project prioritization process are available in the Request and Prioritization Process document posted to the Business Systems Advisory Committee Web site. A new prioritized project list is posted to the BSAC site monthly. The latest priority list is dated March 3 and does not reflect the above items.