Reorganization Moves System Support Group
as Branch of Business Services Computing - 11/20/08

John Shipley, interim vice president for business services and assistant treasurer, on Friday announced a reorganization within the computing units in Business Services (see the new organizational chart for Business Services Computing).

“Computing support in Business Services evolved in a fractionalized way after OnePurdue due to the need to keep the Systems Support Group closely aligned with Finance and HR functions,” Shipley said. “As SAP systems support matures and we evolve into new phases of support, such as building reports and providing training, we found the need to combine the areas into a cohesive unit with greater flexibility to support our strategic initiatives.” 

Thus, effective immediately, the System Support Group and the existing BSC staff will be led by BSC Director Mike Szczepanski.

Szczepanski believes the change makes good sense, even as details of its composition are still being worked out.

“The structure may change over time,” he said. “As improvements become evident, we will change it.”

While the change brings new areas into the BSC fold, the new configuration also reorganizes certain portions of the reporting structure within the BSC and SSG.

Previously, all of the SSG reported to Director Lerry Holladay, who reported to Shipley and Human Resource Services Director John Beelke. Holladay now will report directly to Szczepanski. Under the new plan, the SSG’s Supply Chain, Finance and HR-Payroll teams as well as a reporting team and security administrator will report to Holladay.

“The new organization should result in more efficient service,” Holladay said. “It will also provide better support, enhancement and stabilization.”

As he had been, BSC Assistant Director Terry Schroeder remains responsible to Szczepanski. Schroeder will continue to oversee Web Coordination and Development, Distributed Computing Zone. Tammy Murray, in the position of special projects manager, moves from Szczepanski to Schroeder’s direction.

“Given the organizational benefits of this reorganization, we are excited that the SSG team will be joining BSC,” Schroeder said. “Moving all the primary computer services together under common leadership will enhance our ability to support our customers and staff.”

There are plans for Cheryl Gray to continue reporting to Szczepanski until a new vice president for HR is selected and the HRS organization separates from Business Services. At that time, Cheryl and the web developer will be part of the new HR unit.

The SSG Training and Communications team will no longer be part of Holladay’s team. Instead, its members will report directly to Szczepanski, who noted that training’s function is growing.

“Training’s role is broader than just training people who to use the SAP system,” he said, pointing out that training responsibilities will eventually include coordination of the New Employee Orientation program and other offerings. 

Affected personnel learned Friday about the reorganization, Szczepanski said, but the actual transition will unfold over time. Work station relocations will occur as deemed necessary. Staff will be located in Freehafer and Ross.