Several Projects on the BSPC Priority List in Progress - 02/16/12

The most recent technical projects priority list, Business Systems Work in Progress Chart, released Feb. 2, contains 13 works in progress.

The list is available from a new SharePoint site which incorporates all levels of Business Systems Governance.

Requests for service are logged in the IT work request system, documented using the Request for Service (RFS) template, routed for sponsorship, and posted in the appropriate folder on the Business Systems Governance website. Then, the Business Systems Prioritization Committee (BSPC) evaluates the RFS for prioritization after it assigns a score based on the proposed project’s urgency, how it fits into the overall strategic goals of the University, its advantages, and its risks. The BSPC communicates projects’ status, priority and category, to other governance committee members and appropriate constituents.

The four categories of prioritization are:
      Tier 1 Top
      Tier 2 High
      Tier 3 Low
      Tier 4 Deferred

In descending order, the projects currently in progress and their scores are:
      999   ESS and MSS HR Org Structure
      391   Enterprise Electronic Performance Management
      368   Travel
      365   Stellent (WebView) Document Imaging System Replacement
      344   PERF Payroll Interface
      328   PSCD Regional Configuration for Nonstudent Receivables
      323   2012 Benefit Plan & Rate Changes
      244   FM Transactional Cube
      242   Enterprise Time Management (Pilot)
      232   2011 Health Changes Phase 2, E-benefit Changes
      219   2012 Enhancement Pack 5 Upgrade
      218   Online Leave Request and Approval, Phase 1
      170   2012 Training Environment Upgrade

Serving on the BSPC are Mike Ludwig and Mary Catherine Gaisbauer (committee co-chair), who represent the Senior Vice President for Business Services and Assistant Treasurer; Pam Nesbitt and Jackie Wilson, representing the Vice President for Human Resources area; and Doug Foster (committee co-chair) and Mike Rubesch, representing the Vice President for Information Technology.

Other bodies in the governance system are the Business Systems Steering Committee (BSSC), Business Systems Advisory Committee (BSAC), and Business Systems Executive Committee (BSEC).

The BSAC is composed of representatives from Accounting & Costing, Budget & Fiscal Planning, Business Managers, Housing & Food Services, Human Resources, Payroll & Taxes,  Physical Facilities, Procurement ServServices, Sponsored Program Services, Student Financial Services, Treasury Operations, University Development, and Training and Documentation. The BSAC has the final say in which projects receive a priority status.

Those on the BSSC are representatives of the areas of Budget & Fiscal Planning, Business Managers, Comptroller, Human Resources, IT Enterprise Applications, IT Administrative Computing, Office of Treasury Operations, Physical Facilities, Provost Business Office, Procurement Services, regional campuses, Sponsored Program Services, University Development, and University Senate.

The makeup of the BSEC includes Jim Almond, senior vice president for business services and assistant treasurer; Luis Lewis, vice president for human resources; Gerry McCartney, vice president for information technology; and Bob McMains, vice president for physical facilities.

Besides the priority list, the new governance site provides links to each committee, completed projects list, service requests and forms. Instructions for making SharePoint a trusted site are available in Gold Answers or on the Training Resources page of the BSTCC website.